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We now offer Market Looks Archiving, SEC Rule 606 Reporting, and Broker Credit Risk.

The Optimal Applications Commission Billing and Compliance System is a web-based application that automates the importation of your trade data to produce your company's billing. It provides advanced reporting features for your firm's internal use and for SEC compliance.

Standard features include customizable invoices, electronic trade tickets, automated ticket history, Daily Trade Activity reports, Year to Date accounting functionality, and direct invoice emailing capability. The system also allows you to track expenses such as clearing charges, Order Management System costs, and Taker/Provider liquidity charges and credits.

The Compliance Explorer program, a sub-feature in the system, displays all trade tickets with special instructions, time stamps, and administrative flags on all orders even if the trade did not execute.

The application is fully-secured. Each user is provided a unique user name and password to log into the application. All data transfers use 128-bit digital certificate encryption.

Our web-based interface allows you to login and you see your information from anywhere that has an internet connection. We manage the technical aspects; all you need to do is get us the trade data.

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